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                      Satisfied Customers and their Humans




"Shakespeare, aka "Shake", is our 8 year old Jack Russell mix terrier and definately a member of our family. We originally sent him to Aunt Barbie for what she callled "socializing", what I would cal re-training. My hope was that Shake and I could walk and he wouild behave when meeting other dogs. All in all, Aunt Barbie worked wonders in that regard; what I didn't forsee was the bond he and Aunt Barbie formed. Now he visits on a weekly basis and loves it. Sometimes I'm not sure if he is more excited to go to Aunt Barbie's for the day or to come home!

     But the story...

     Recently Shake missed a day at Aunt Barbie's. I didn't think much about it but apparently Shake did. Yesterday morning he wouldn't touch his breakfast---maybe he's sick? But no, he came to me, sat down, gve me his best tail-wag begging stare, and it finally clicked---he thought that if he didn't eat his breakfast at home, he could go to Aunt Barbie's and eat there as is his routine!

     Shakespeare is One Smart Dog !!

     Thanks, Aunt Barbie! "





"Aunt Barbie's is a place you can comfortably leave your pets, knowing that they are going to have a good time and be in good, capable hands. My three dogs had a great time and I didn't have to worry!"


        ---Jen in Sebring, FL


"I and my dogs enjoy going to Aunt Barbie's home. It's clean and she gives very good care. We highly advise anyone to use her service."


     ---P. L. Peters, Lake Placid, Fla.




"Kenya, my fussy Basenji, is a changed dog when she's at Aunt Barbie's. Normally, Kenya is not overly fond of other dogs, but she knows she has to behave when she's with the others who are also boarding. I feel completely at ease leaving her for days and sometimes weeks at a time because I know she'll be well taken care of. Just to know she can come and go as she likes into that great big fenced-in yard makes my girl a very happy camper! Thank goodness I found Aunt Barbie!"


     ----Barbara Bird, Avon Park, Fla.





"Hi! My name is Chica and I'm a four-year -old mixed breed rescue dog.  My Mom and Dad tried to leave me at the kennel once but I just hated being confined in the cage.  Thank goodness for Aunt Barbie's house.  Now my humans can go on vacation and not worry that I will have to go to the kennel and be around a bunch of strangers.  I love my friends Kacee and Tina and Aunt Barbie makes sure that the big dogs don't scare me.  I feel right at home using the doggie door to go outside and explore, just like I do at home.  I always have fun at Aunt Barbie's." 


      ---Chica, South Florida




"Hi, there! My named is Delilah, and I am an eight-year-old Florida cur with "special needs". Mom and Dad say I have epilepsy, and need constant observation and care, and need different meds at different times of the day and night, all of which Aunt Barbie handles for me. And when I have a seizure, Aunt Barbie takes great care of me...as good as my Mom and Dad do! (I get kinda scared and lonely and confused then, and Aunt Barbie cuddles with me and hugs me and gets me through it. What a gal!) Aunt Barbie is the Onliestperson they trust to take care of me. (Aren't I a spoiled little brat?) My big brother Samson stays with me, too, and Aunt Barbie takes good care of him, as well. (Sam's getting kinda old, but he really likes the friendly, relaxed atmosphere at Aunt Barbie's, where he can just chill if he's feeling tired, or hook-up with the rest of us party animals if he feels like having some fun!) Bottom line? We love it there!"


     ---Delilah, Lake Placid, Fla.





   Toby, my three-year-old Yorkie Terrier, has been going to play at Aunt Barbie's for 2 years now. She is passionate about  animals and it shows.

Whether one day, overnight, or longer, Toby and all the pets are treated

as one of her family. Your pets are not kept in cages and have easy access to the back yard and to the inside of the house. When I drop off Toby for the day, all the other dogs come running to the fence to say hi, it feels like it did when my children went to day care: plenty of room to run and play all day and I am confident that Toby will be safe. Rates are very reasonable. A very safe and secure place. I highly recommend Aunt Barbie's Pet Sitting to everyone. Toby does, too!


---Sheryl G. Lake Placid, Fl.





     Pet lovers: Don't hesitate to treat your pet to quality boarding time at AuntBarbie's. Our Beagle, Maggie, bounds into her home. She is happy to get spoiled by Aunt Barbie and visit the other pets in her care. We are thankful that Aunt Barbie offers flexible, considerate, and reasonable pet care for our furry family member. She has a loving home away from home.


---Clyde and Monica



     Aunt Barbie has been watching our Boston Terrier, Lily, for the past 4 years. When we pull into the yard, Lily gets very excited and runs to the door. Lily has never been boarded any place other than Aunt Barbie's. She gets on the furniture, plays with the other dogs, sleeps in the bedroom and sneaks in bed with Barbie when her husband Rick gets up...I have recommended Aunt Barbie's many times...Trustworthy dog lover...I feel comfortable when we vacation because I know Lily is in great hands.


---Barbara K., Sebring, Fl.



     We have used Aunt Barbie's Pet Sitting for many years and always have complete confidence in their care for our two dogs. In fact, this is the third set of dogs that Aunt Barbie has taken care of over the years. The dogs just love to visit Aunt Barbie and we always have peace of mind that they will be well taken care of and will be comfortable staying there. We highly recommend Aunt Barbie's pet sitting service. Loving care, lots of outdoor space, good peace of mind when they stay there.


---Cecilia F., Lake Placid, Fl.







     We've wintered in Florida for the last four years and have a 7.5 year-old Lhasa Apso, Whitaker. Whitaker loves people and other animals and has been in doggie daycare in rural New York at least once a week for years. Since we are committed to keeping Whit socialized, we were concerned we wouldn't find a place he could play with other dogs in our Lake Placid winter home. Luckily, we met Barbara Shorrock, owner of Aunt Barbie's Pet Sitting, and her husband Rick a few years ago. Barbie is a very experienced pet sitter who runs a loving in home daycare. She's become our favorite dog whisperer. Barbie and Rick love their visiting animals as much as their own. Recently we left Whit with Aunt Barbie overnight at her urging. Whit has never been away from home and Barbie wanted him to be prepared in case we ever had an emergency and had to leave him. Barbie and Rick made Whit feel safe and comfortable and he was happy to be with them. Beside excellent, reasonably priced care Barbie and Rick are sold great folks you'll be glad to know.



---Claire Crittenden



                     Letters from Satisfied Customers 



"Dear Aunt Barbie and Uncle Rick,

     A week from today we will be leaving home, hear in West Palm Beach, and coming there to drop off our Angel baby, to leave her in your care while we take a much-needed vacation. I know I have told you how sick I have been, first the surgery then the other hospital stay, so I am really looking forward to this trip. We are taking all the children and grand-children to a beautiful resort in the mountains. The reason I am writing this letter is to thank you, it is kind of hard when we get there to tell you these things, because we have to tell you about her medications and conditions.  I want you to know, you make our trips to the mountains and the other resorts we frequent possible. If not for your loving kindness towards our baby, we could not go: They don't allow dogs. It is not how much you love Angel, but your medical knowledge to take care of her. I have people ask me why I drive all the way to Lake Placid with all the dog sitters I have right here. I say that over the many years I have known you and have left Angel with you, I have never worried about her. That is why I drive so far out of my way. It is worth every mile for the peace of mind Willie and I have knowing Angel is "on vacation" too, and is not just being cared for, but loved. We are so looking forward to seeing you both...I want you to know how much we appreciate you. I know you bless a lot of people, because you take such good care of all our "babies", so we are able to go and get the rest we need, and have peace of mind while we are gone. "God bless and keep you both" is our prayer."


     Willie and Arlene Archer


"Dear Barbara,

     We really appreciate you taking care of Kenya. Mom was sick over Thanksgiving and wasn't able to come up to Allison's at Orlando, so my husband and Allison stopped in to see her on our way home. Hopefully, she caught this one in time and won't wind up in the hospital for several weeks again. As we spoke about on the phone, please plan to keep Kenya until after New Years. Each of my sisters and brothers will be sending a check to you. Please call me if you have any questions or problems with Kenya. Thank you again...I don't know how to express how grateful we are to you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving."





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