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                      General Information about Aunt Barbie



Hello! My name is Barbara Shorrock. Welcome to my home page. I love animals of all kinds, but I'm especially fond of domestic pets. My pets have always been members of my own family. That's how I got in to this business! I got to thinking one day, What do other people do with their pets if they too are unwilling to kennel them? (You wouldn't put a member of your family in a cage, would you?) So Aunt Barbie's Pet Sitting was born in 1998. I understand many of the social problems some pets, especially dogs, can have, and I've learned so much over the years. Many problems can be alleviated simply with some basic understanding of how animals think and react to their environment.

     We provide quality and affordable pet sitting services to your pampered pet while you're away. More efficient and loving than a kennel, we cater to the emotional needs of your pet. Application of medical regimens are not a problem. We have a good rapport with the local vets in the area, so that any medical emergency can be met while you're away. Your pets safety and well being is our top priority!

     Daily and monthly rates are available, as well as Day Care (which is available from Monday through Friday). You can call and  request a Welcome Packet that includes a business card, a brochure explaining our mission statement and a list of references by calling 863-699-6229. We are Aunt Barbie's Pet Sitting and Daycare Services: Family close to home!

     Just to give you an idea how fun it is at Aunt Barbie's, take a look at this video!

     You can also see a video testimonial here.


                   Disaster Preparedness and your Pet 


     We all remember Florida being hit by four hurricanes in 2004. There are certain things you can do to avoid a last-minute crisis, should you and your pets have to evacuate your home to flee a natural disaster.

     1. To prepare, call your local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or vet to find a list of shelters and hotels/motels in your area that will accept pets.

     2. Map out a primary and secondary evacuation route that your family will travel in the event of a natural disaster. List these on a map and store it in your vehicle's glove compartment, or map out your route and your waypoints on your family's GPS.

     3. Store, in a cool, dry place in your home, the following emergency evacuation kit for your pet:

     a. Copies of your pets' records from your vet. These should be store in a re-sealable plastic bag, such as a Zip-Lock.

     b. At least three to seven days of pet food (rotate for freshness every 2

         months of storage time).

     c. At least seven days worth of bottled water for each pet (replace every

         2 months).

     d. A travel case or sturdy carrier for each pet.

     e. Recent photos of your pets, should you become separated during the


      f.  For cats: a pillowcase or "evac-pack" and litter box with scoop-able


      g. For dogs: collar, long leash and yard stake.

      h. At least seven days' supply of all your pets' medications, if required.


     What we can do to help: If you find that your family and pets need to evacuate to this area from any natural disaster, we do offer a 10 per cent discount to your pets if you need to board them with us. Please call in advance (Phone: 863-699-6229 or fax: 863-699-0145) if at all possible to see if we are able to sit your pet(s). 




                     In Memory of: Gone but not Forgotten Pets


                                 "if tears could build a stairway, 

                                        and memories a lane,

                                    I'd walk right up to Heaven 

                                     and bring you home again!" 


                                               In memory of... 



         Butch  Katie  Cheddar  Suzie  Tiger  K.D.  Mitzy  Sparkle   Bashia

    Tina   Benji   Jason   Copper   Samson   Delilah  Pepper   Missy   Augie

      Lizzie   Dutchess   Kenya   Shela   Ben   Lacy   Rocky   Bruno   Kaelei

         Sadie Lou   Kacee   Xena   Zach   Porky   Rudy   Kimmie   Oreo 

Wrangler   Hank





Kacee was our very own dog---our special Baby Girl Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. She was our constant companion and source of love for many years. She succumbed to a stroke the night of Valentine's Day, 2012 and went to be with the Lord the next morning. 



Lacy was a very special guest here at Aunt Barbie's. She was one of those rare animals that was always friends with every person and animal to visit our home. A wagging tail, inquisitive eyes and a paw raised in greeting met us every time we saw her. It didn't matter how many times she saw us in a day. Every meeting was exactly like the first. She was a joy to be around, and one of those guests that we wished could stay with us forever. Sadly, she went to be with the Lord in April 2009. She will be forever missed. 




 We first received Oreo, a Cocker Spaniel, as a guest in March of 2005. She brightened our day each time she walked through our door. "Freckle Face" and "Oreo Cookies" was what we called her. Her owner, Meghan, told us she was a fun dog, and she certainly was a very clever little girl. About Oreo's passing, Meghan said "Heaven gained a lot more freckles today. As y'all know, I loved that little lady with all my heart so this is really hard but I know she is having the time of her life teaching her big brother Schultzie how to swim in a lake where the water is made of of peanut butter and the sticks are made of milk bones. I've heard Heaven is a perfect place so I know it will have my Oreo when I get there too some day." Oreo was a joy and a very bright influence when she was with us. There's another shining star in the heavens today.



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